What are the benefits of pursuing the Advanced Studies Certificate in Superintendency?

The University of Northern Iowa's Superintendent Advanced Studies Certificate program is a performance-based program unique in that it minimizes student class time and maximizes on-site skill development while working with a lead mentor and mentors with special expertise. While this program requires a considerable amount of time in internship experience, the feedback from graduates becoming superintendents is the UNI program prepared them well for the superintendency. We recognize that multiple career and personal obligations, as well as travel limitations, may make it difficult to complete a program entirely through on-campus study. The UNI program is offered via interactive video conferencing technologies and online programming. Some summer seminars do include on-campus attendance. The majority of the hours required in this program will also apply towards a doctoral program. Most importantly - upon completion - students are prepared to take on central office responsibilities, AEA administrative responsibilities and school superintendent responsibilities.