Frequently Asked Questions - Bachelor of Liberal Studies Degree Program (BLS)

  • A convenient and flexible program to complete a bachelor's degree
  • A broad-based liberal arts degree to prepare you for graduate school
  • An effective career advancement tool in today's competitive workplace
  • A unique, tailored degree program to meet your interests and goals

Students may apply for admission at any time throughout the year. The program is available to all who qualify.

Qualifications include:

  • 60 semester hours of acceptable college credit acceptable toward graduation 
  • a cumulative 2.0 grade point average or above

See the "Next Steps" tab above for information. If you have any questions, please contact the program coordinator(s) and/or enrollment contact to the right or contact the Office of Continuing and Distance Education at

The BLS degree program does not have a traditional major. Rather than having a single area of focus as you would with a traditional major, BLS students choose courses in three of the five distribution areas.

To satisfy a distribution area, you must complete 12 semester hours with at least 6 of the hours designated as upper-level. The five distribution areas are:

  • Humanities 
  • Communications & Arts
  • Natural Sciences & Math 
  • Social Sciences 
  • Professional Fields

All of UNI's Guided Independent Study courses fit into one of the five distribution areas. View a list of all upcoming courses that apply to the BLS degree

The flexibility of the BLS program allows you to balance the important things in your life while earning your degree. There is no time limit to finish your BLS degree, so the time it takes to graduate depends on how many units of credit you must complete as well as the number of classes you enroll in at any given time.

You determine the pace that's right for you. As you complete a course or two as a BLS student, you'll discover the stride that fits your lifestyle.

  • 120 units of credit total from all sources with 
  • 45 units of credit in upper-level coursework from UNI and/or another four-year institution and 
  • 30 units of credit earned from UNI during junior and/or senior years

Depending on the funding source and intended audience of the course, students may be charged on-campus tuition and fees, which can be found at Tuition and fees for courses offered through Continuing & Distance Education and intended for distance students can be found at