Social Science for Teachers Grades 6-12 (MA)

2015 Cohort

Tentative course schedule

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Summer 2015

HISUS 5160 U.S. History from 1929 to 1960 -- 3 unit(s)

U.S. history from the Great Crash through the Eisenhower Era, emphasizing the Great Depression and New Deal of 1930s, World War II at home and abroad in the 1940s and postwar issues including the Cold War and economic prosperity. Prerequisite(s): junior standing.

POL AMER 5130 Iowa Politics -- 3 unit(s)

Emphasis placed on the origins of Iowa’s governmental structure, the three branches of government, and its unique role in presidential politics. Will examine some of the perennial issues facing the state.

Fall 2015

GEOG 5150 Regional Geography of Iowa -- 3 unit(s)

Study of geography of selected region including evolution and dynamics of its cultural, social, economic, political, and environmental dimensions. May be repeated on different regions. Prerequisite(s): junior standing.

Spring 2016

HISUS 6289 Seminar

-- 3 unit(s) Topic: Teaching U.S. History

Summer 2016

PSYCH XXXX Seminar -- 3 unit(s)

HIST 6286 Studies in Africa -- 1 unit(s)

HIST 6286 Studies in China -- 1 unit(s)

HIST 6286 Studies in India -- 1 unit(s)

Fall 2016

PSYCH 5303 Health Psychology -- 3 unit(s)

Overview of the contribution of social, personality and clinical psychology to: a) an understanding of the psycho-social variables affecting physical illness and disease; b) the development of assessment and intervention strategies for comprehensive illness management and rehabilitation; and c) the promotion and maintenance of health-enhancing behavior. Prerequisite(s): PSYCH 1001; junior standing.

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Spring 2017

SOC 6286 Studies in Social Problems -- 3 unit(s)

Summer 2017

HISUS 6289 Seminar

-- 3 unit(s) Topic: Teaching U.S. History

XXXX 6299 Research Project

-- 3 unit(s)

Course delivery

Most courses are offered via interactive video conferencing methods (Adobe Connect), scheduled Wednesday evenings during fall and spring semesters. Some courses and coursework are offered online using eLearning, a Blackboard learning management system requiring Internet access and a web browser.

While most students encounter very few technical difficulties with our online courses, our team of support specialists is available to assist you as needed.

During the last summer of the program students embark on a one-week study tour, focusing on a specific topic and attending relevant points of interest such as museums and historical sites.

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