Social Science for Teachers Grades 6-12 (MA)

The University of Northern Iowa College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, in cooperation with Continuing & Distance Education, offers a master’s degree program in Social Science to middle level and secondary teachers.

The program includes coursework and instruction in the areas of:

    • American History
    • Geography
    • Political Science
    • Psychology
    • Sociology
    • World History

Approximately six credit units of research are required, including three units in a seminar setting and three units for an independent research project. No thesis is required.

Convenient course delivery

Courses in this program are offered via interactive video conferencing methods (including Adobe Connect), scheduled Wednesday evenings during fall and spring semesters. Summer may include additional video conferencing sessions. Some courses and coursework are offered online using eLearning, a Blackboard learning management system requiring Internet access and a web browser. While most students encounter very few technical difficulties with our online courses, our team of support specialists is available to assist you as needed.

During the last summer of the program, there will also be a one-week study tour, focused on a specific topic, in which students will attend relevant sites such as museums and historical sites.

What students are saying

"Being able to obtain a master's degree in my subject matter has given me a huge advantage. It allows me to teach a number of subjects in the field of social studies which makes me more marketable...Additionally, the knowledge I gained while writing my thesis on Confucianism has served me well while teaching A.P. World History, which is a course that is new to me this year." -Linn-Mar High School teacher

"I have used many ideas learned from UNI instructors and fellow MA classmates in my classes. Dr. Connors' trip to presidential sites in Illinois and Iowa was amazing." -Northwood-Kensett High School teacher

"I enjoyed working with a cohort. It allowed me to make personal and professional relationships with other social studies teachers both in my area and across the state. I continue to be in contact with most people in my cohort three years after the program has ended." -Linn-Mar High School teacher