2013 Cohort - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (MA)

Tentative course schedule

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Summer 2013

TESOL 4520/5520 Cultural Aspects of Language and Language Teaching -- 3 unit(s)

Investigation of relationship between language and culture and the interactions among language, social institutions, cultural beliefs and individual behavior. Applications for teaching English to non-native speakers. Prerequisite(s): TESOL 4120/5120 or TESOL 4110/5110; junior standing.

Meets via the Adobe Connect Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7:30–9:30 a.m., June 10-July 5; Applies to ESL Endorsement*

TESOL 6100 Introduction to Graduate Study in TESOL/Applied Linguistics -- 3 unit(s)

Introduction to sources, tools and techniques in graduate-level study and research in TESOL and language sciences.

Online via eLearning July 8-August 2

Fall 2013

TESOL 4120/5120 Introduction to Linguistics -- 3 unit(s)

Examination of phonology, syntax and semantics in a variety of natural and artificial languages; includes study of language development and regional and social variation.

Meets via Adobe Connect Thursdays and online via eLearning August 26-October 18; Applies to ESL Endorsement*

TESOL 4740/5740 TESOL I: Methods and Approaches -- 3 unit(s)

Historical background of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and overview of teaching approaches; teaching the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Online via eLearning October 21-December 20; Applies to ESL Endorsement*

Spring 2014

TESOL 4760/5760 TESOL II: Pedagogical Strategies -- 3 unit(s)

Lesson planning, materials design and adaptation, materials evaluation, classroom assessment and curriculum planning for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Meets via Adobe Connect Thursdays and online via eLearning January 13-March 7; Applies to ESL Endorsement*

TESOL 4350/5350 Phonology -- 3 unit(s)

Sound systems of human languages, including articulatory and acoustic phonetics, structural phonetics, distinctive features and generative phonology.

Online via eLearning March 10-May 9

Summer 2014

TESOL 4340/5340 Problems in English Grammar -- 3 unit(s)

Investigation of the grammatical system of English; emphasis on tools and processes used to identify and teach grammatical patterns.

Online via eLearning June 9-July 3

TESOL 6289 Seminar in Bilingual Education -- 3 unit(s)

Online via eLearning July 7-August 1; Applies to ESL Endorsement*

Fall 2014

TESOL 6510 Second Language Acquisition -- 3 unit(s)

Historical background and methodology of second language acquisition research; current theories of acquisition and learning; role of individual and societal variables in language learning.

Meets via Adobe Connect Thursdays and online via eLearning August 25-October 17; Applies to ESL Endorsement*

TESOL 6760 Language Testing -- 3 unit(s)

Examination of basic approaches and techniques for constructing and interpreting language tests.

Meets via the Adobe Connect Thursdays and online via eLearning October 20-December 19

Spring 2015

TESOL 6297 Practicum -- 3 unit(s)

Graduate-level student teaching of English as a second language.

Online via eLearning and as arranged

Write research paper and take comprehensive exam

Summer 2015

Continue work on research paper as necessary

Fall 2015

Take comprehensive exam (if not completed in the spring)

Successful completion of comprehensive exam and research paper required.

* Courses may be applied toward the Iowa English as a Second Language (ESL) Endorsement. In addition to coursework, ESL students must have a minimum of 12 hours of supervised teaching at both the K–6 and 7–12 endorsement levels, at least one of which must include ESL.

Course delivery

Fall and spring courses will be taught in eight-week modules. Courses in this program will be offered using a combination of Adobe Connect, a desktop video conferencing system and online via eLearning, a Blackboard learning management system. Courses meeting via Adobe Connect in the fall and spring semesters will meet on Thursday evenings.

While most students encounter very few technical difficulties with our online courses, our team of support specialists is available to assist you as needed.

Services and support

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