2013 Cohort - Professional Development for Teachers (MAE)

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Fall 2013

MEASRES 6205 Educational Research -- 3 unit(s)

An introduction to research methods relevant to educational research with an emphasis on how these methods address the challenges of conducting research in applied settings such as schools. Course content includes a survey of major types of research designs (both quantitative and qualitative) and their associated approaches for minimizing bias, establishing validity, collecting data, and drawing conclusions. A primary goal of this course is to equip students with an understanding of basic concepts and tools so they can systematically locate, efficiently read and critically evaluate empirical research studies.

August 26- October 18

EDPSYCH 6214 Foundations of Instructional Psychology -- 3 unit(s)

Study of factors involved in designing and implementing effective instructional environments.

October 21- December 20

Spring 2014

EDPSYCH 6286 Studies in Assessment and Evaluation -- 3 unit(s)

January 13- March 7

EDPSYCH 6235 Theories of Human Development -- 3 unit(s)

Major theories of human development (e.g., psychoanalytic, cognitive, developmental, humanistic and social learning theory). Includes study of noted theorists in each area and educational implications and applications of their work. Prerequisite(s): EDPSYCH 4109/EDPSYCH 5109 or EDPSYCH 4116/EDPSYCH 5116.

March 10- May 9

Summer 2014

ELEMECML 6201 Issues and Trends in Curriculum -- 3 unit(s)

Current ideas influencing the planning and implementation of curriculum. Prerequisite(s): consent of department.

EDPSYCH 5176 Learning and Behavior in Education -- 3 unit(s)

Learning and behavior problems of students with focus on issues of identification, etiology, assessment, developmental changes and intervention including consideration of personal, social, cultural, historical and economic contexts. Prerequisite(s): junior standing.

Fall 2014

EDPSYCH 5140 Social Psychology, Education -- 3 unit(s)

Students in this course learn to apply social psychological perspectives when interpreting educational situations and events. Through reading and discussion students map the influence of self-definition, motivation, relationships, and familial, school, and neighborhood contexts to educational outcomes. Students evaluate interventions based on social psychological principles and consider their role in educational and social transformation. Prerequisite(s): junior standing.

EDLEAD 6286 Studies in Change Facilitation -- 3 unit(s)

The development of knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate change at the classroom and building level combined with the understanding of the change process.

Spring 2015

EDPSYCH 5188 Current Approaches to Multicultural Education -- 3 unit(s)

Comparison of alternative models of multicultural education and study of their application in school settings. Prerequisite(s): junior standing.

INSTTECH 6240 Understanding Instructional Design -- 3 unit(s)

Students will apply a systematic instructional design model from the initial analysis through design, development and evaluation. Students will master the fundamental practices upon which the instructional design process is based.

Summer 2015

EDPSYCH 6299 Research

Conduct supervised research on selected topic(s). Prerequisite(s): consent of department.

-- 3 unit(s)
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