2014 Cohort - Master of Arts in Education (MAE) - for teacher leaders in American International Schools

Tentative course schedule

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Spring 2014

EDLEAD 6206 Orientation to ISSL and Educational Leadership -- 2 unit(s)

(Tailored for teacher leaders in American international schools) Orientation to the study and practice of teacher leadership, framed around the 7 Teacher Leader Model Standards, and current and historical trends impacting school leadership.

April start

Summer 2014

EDLEAD 6289 Seminar: Culturally Relevant Teaching -- 3 unit(s)

Examine the practical implications of culturally relevant teaching practices with particular attention to curriculum design and implementation for global citizens.

May term

EDLEAD 6249 Leading Learning, Teaching and Curriculum -- 3 unit(s)

(Tailored for teacher leaders in American international schools) Extensive study in the knowledge and skills needed by teacher leaders to help lead the development and delivery of curriculum, assessment and instruction focused on student achievement.

EDLEAD 6286 Studies in Educational Leadership

Fall 2014

EDLEAD 6282 Leading School Growth and Improvement -- 2 unit(s)

(Tailored for teacher leaders in American international schools) Study of the teacher leader's role in leading school growth and improvement and the change process. Corequisite(s): MEASRES 6205.

MEASRES 6205 Educational Research -- 3 unit(s)

An introduction to research methods relevant to educational research with an emphasis on how these methods address the challenges of conducting research in applied settings such as schools. Course content includes a survey of major types of research designs (both quantitative and qualitative) and their associated approaches for minimizing bias, establishing validity, collecting data, and drawing conclusions. A primary goal of this course is to equip students with an understanding of basic concepts and tools so they can systematically locate, efficiently read and critically evaluate empirical research studies.

Spring 2015

EDLEAD 7319 Power, Politics and Ethics in School District Leadership -- 3 unit(s)

Identifies critical roles of superintendent and network of individuals/agencies/organizations that impact education system. Develops understanding of how to identify community's power structure and use power/political skills in ethical ways to improve student achievement. Prerequisite(s): students must be enrolled in the superintendent preparation program cohort or doctoral program in educational leadership or have permission of the instructor.

INSTTECH 6232 Selecting and Integrating Instructional Technologies -- 3 unit(s)

Examines new technologies that generate need for new literacies for 21st century students. Includes procedures for selection and integration of instructional technologies to support learning.

Summer 2015

EDLEAD 6245 Leadership for Effective Schools -- 3 unit(s)

Study of contemporary leadership, change and staff development in school organizations.

EDPSYCH 6214 Foundations of Instructional Psychology -- 3 unit(s)

Study of factors involved in designing and implementing effective instructional environments.

TESOL 6286 Studies in Teaching in Multicultural Contexts -- 3 unit(s)

Fall 2015

EDLEAD 6284 Evaluator Approval for Improved Student Learning -- 3 unit(s)

Development of knowledge of various problems and procedures in the organization of elementary and secondary school professional growth. Special emphasis on supervision processes and identifying and analyzing effective teaching and performance behaviors. Prerequisite(s): EDLEAD 6206; EDLEAD 6245; or consent of instructor.

EDLEAD 6235 Community Connections -- 2 unit(s)

Exploration of current research on promising practices and strategies that support parental and community engagement in the school’s mission and the principal’s role in facilitating stakeholder engagement. Prerequisite(s): EDLEAD 6206; EDLEAD 6247; or consent of instructor.

EDLEAD 6292 Capstone ISSL -- 1 unit(s)

(Tailored for teacher leaders in American international schools) Final work project that demonstrates application and synthesizes the Iowa Standards for School Leaders (ISSL). Prerequisite(s): EDLEAD 6206; EDLEAD 6247; or consent of instructor.

Course delivery

Instruction will be provided entirely at a distance with no on-campus attendance required. All courses are offered online instruction via eLearning and interactive video conferencing with careful consideration of international school calendars.

Services and support

Support services such as access to the UNI Rod Library, UNI Financial Aid and technical assistance will be readily available.