Refund policy

A 100 percent refund is made when the university rejects an enrollment due to ineligibility for the course or when the Office of Academic Affairs rules that it would not be advisable for you to enroll in the course.

No refunds or credits will be made after six weeks from the original enrollment date, even if no assignments have been submitted. A 70 percent refund is made if you choose to withdraw from a course for any reason during the first six weeks of enrollment. If you have elected the university billing option, 30 percent of the tuition is charged.

Refund requests must be in writing and postmarked no later than six weeks after the enrollment date. Send your request to the Guided Independent Study Office via postal mail, email at or complete the online withdrawal request form.

When a refund is made, a charge of $15 is deducted for each assignment and examination that has been corrected. All course materials must be returned to the Guided Independent Study Office. The $10 enrollment fee is not refundable.