Exams may be taken in your local community under the direct supervision of an approved proctor (e.g., a school superintendent, principal, testing center, college official, or public library official).

If you live in the Cedar Falls/Waterloo area, you are encouraged to take your exams at the Guided Independent Study Office. Examination Request Forms are included in the course materials or you may complete the examination request form online. Request forms must be received by the Guided Independent Study Office 7-10 business days before the proposed exam date. An exam cannot be sent to a proctor until all preceding lessons have been received.

Exams should be taken within ONE MONTH after the last assignment has been submitted.

If taking a print-based course, submit the request form with the last lesson before the exam. Do not attach the Examination Request Form to print-based assignments. Do NOT provide exam information on the Assignment Identification Sheet; we may never see it.

Examinations cannot be returned to you. A grade slip with instructor comments is sent after the exam is graded.