Course credit

UNI credit is in units of semester hours. No more than one-fourth of the work required for an Iowa teaching license or B.A. degree (with the exception of the Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree) may be earned through Guided Independent Study.

The Guided Independent Study Office does not provide academic advising. Questions about applying course credits toward degrees or majors should be directed to the appropriate academic department or your record analyst. You are responsible for acceptance of credit at the institution in which you are enrolled. If you wish to transfer credit to another school from UNI, you should make specific arrangements with that institution prior to enrolling in any course.

Any student with a B.A. degree who is taking a graduate-level course is expected to complete the course for graduate credit. If enrolling as a graduate student with a degree earned at an institution other than UNI, you must request verification of all degrees B.A. or higher from each institution. Requests can often be made in writing, by phone, fax, e-mail, or online through the institution. To be considered official, verifications or transcripts must be sent from the issuing institution direct to the UNI Office of the Registrar, 227 Gilchrist Hall, Cedar Falls, IA, 50614-0006, or faxed to 319-273-6792.

Guided independent study courses are not ordinarily applied toward a graduate degree at UNI. Please consult with your advisor about the applicability of course work toward your degree requirements. With the consent of the Graduate College Dean, graduate students may use guided independent study to remove deficiencies in their undergraduate work.