Education of the Gifted Endorsement

2017 Cohort

Tentative course schedule

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Spring 2017

ELEMECML 4154/5154 The Gifted and Talented -- 3 unit(s)

Educational needs of gifted and talented children and youth. Emphasis on characteristics, identification/assessment, special populations, counseling, parenting and program intervention.

Satisfies state requirements: Psychology of the gifted, Social Needs of the gifted, Emotional Needs of the gifted and Prekindergarten-12 identification of gifted students
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ELEMECML 4156/5156 Educational Strategies for Gifted and Talented -- 3 unit(s)

Current trends in educational programming for the gifted and talented. Prescription, implementation and evaluation of differentiated curriculum/educational strategies used in the comprehensive program.

Satisfies state requirements: Programming for the gifted, Differentiation Strategies and Collaborative Teaching Strategies
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Fall 2017

ELEMECML 4157/5157 Coordinating Programs for the Gifted and Talented -- 3 unit(s)

Methods/procedures for coordinating/directing school district PK-12 programs for the gifted and talented. Emphasis on program planning, management, supervision and evaluation.

Satisfies state requirements: Administration and supervision of gifted programs, Program goals and performance measures, Program Evaluation

ELEMECML 4158/5158 Practicum in Education of the Gifted -- 3 unit(s)

Practicum in which curriculum and instructional methods for Education of the Gifted are used with preK-12 students. Prerequisite(s): ELEMECML 4154/5154; 4156; 4157; junior standing.

Satisfies state requirement: Practicum/Field Experience

Course delivery

This manageable course sequence offers two courses each semester, with a total of 12 units of credit. Eight-week courses provide focus and attention to topics while advancing through the nine-month sequence.

Courses in this program are offered entirely online via eLearning. While most students encounter very few technical difficulties with our online courses, our team of support specialists is available to assist you as needed.

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