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Academic Term Subj Area Catalog Nbr Section Titlesort icon Inst. Mode Location Start Date End Date Instructor
Fall 2015 CSD 3190 03 Introduction to American Sign Language (ASL) In Person UNI Center for Urban Education Aug 24 Dec 18 Stefl
Summer 2015 SPED 4153/5153 60/60 Introduction to Assistive Technology for Instruction Online Online Jul 6 Jul 25 Ford
Ongoing CS 1510 Introduction to Computing GIS Web Online Fienup
Ongoing ECON 1031 Introduction to Economics GIS Web Online Uyar
Summer 2015 ENGLISH 6100 60 Introduction to Graduate Study in English In Person/Online Off Campus-Study Abroad Jul 6 Jul 31 Benson
Fall 2015 TESOL 6100 60 Introduction to Graduate Study in TESOL/Applied Linguistics Online Online Oct 19 Dec 18 Milambiling
Ongoing ENGLISH 1120 Introduction to Literature GIS Web Online Koch
Ongoing MUS THEO 1100 Introduction to Music Theory GIS Print Off Campus-Other Jernigan
Summer 2015 EARTHSCI 4159/5159 60 Introduction to Planetary Science Online Online Jun 8 Jul 2 Morgan
Summer 2015 CHEM 4159/5149 60/60 Introduction to Polymer Science Online Online Jul 6 Jul 31 Thadison
Ongoing PSYCH 1001 Introduction to Psychology GIS Web Online Peterson
Ongoing SOC 1000 Introduction to Sociology GIS Web Online Stalp
Summer 2015 SOC 1000 60 Introduction to Sociology Online Online Jun 8 Jul 2 Baker
Fall 2015 SOC 1000 09 Introduction to Sociology Online Online Aug 24 Dec 18 Chananie
Fall 2015 SOC 1000 08 Introduction to Sociology Online Online Aug 24 Dec 18 Baker
Ongoing STAT 1772 Introduction to Statistical Methods GIS Web Online Prophet
Fall 2015 STAT 1772 11 Introduction to Statistical Methods In Person Allen College Aug 24 Dec 18 Franzen
Fall 2015 STAT 1772 60 Introduction to Statistical Methods Online Online Aug 24 Dec 18 Ecker
Fall 2015 SLS 5114 60 Introduction to the School Library Program Online Online Aug 24 Dec 18 Krueger
Summer 2015 WGS 1040 01 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies Online Online May 11 Jun 5 MacGillivray