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Courses listed below include include semester-based courses and Guided Independent Study (GIS) courses. Enroll in a GIS course at any time and take up to nine months to complete your coursework.

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Academic Term Subj Area Catalog Nbr Section Title Inst. Mode Location Start Date End Date Instructorsort icon
Summer 2016 HPE 3160 63 Capstone: Community and Public Health Online Online Jul 5 Jul 29 Roberts-Dobie
Summer 2016 TESOL 4120/5120 60 Introduction to Linguistics Online Online Jun 6 Jun 30 Roberts
Summer 2016 LITED 7310 60 Coaching in the Comprehensive Literacy Model In Person/Online Online Jun 21 Aug 12 Rich
Ongoing CRIM 2112 White Collar Crime GIS Web Online Rhineberger-Dunn
Ongoing CRIM 2025 Criminology GIS Web Online Rhineberger-Dunn
Summer 2016 CAP 3131 60 Analysis of Social Issues Online Online May 9 Jun 3 Rhineberger-Dunn
Fall 2016 TECH 1024 01 Technical Drawing and Design I Online Online Aug 22 Dec 16 Revuru
Summer 2016 EDLEAD 4133/5133 60 WKSP: 7 Habits Signature Training In Person Hawkeye Community College Jun 27 Jul 15 Reade
Fall 2016 MGMT 6249 60 Management Information Systems Concepts In Person Off Campus-Other Sep 25 Nov 5 Ratchford
Summer 2016 TECH 6292 60 Research Methods in Technology Online Online Jun 6 Jul 29 Rao Posinasetti
Fall 2016 TECH 3183 01 Fundamentals of Manufacturing Engineering Online Online Aug 22 Dec 16 Rao Posinasetti
Fall 2016 TECH 3183 60 Fundamentals of Manufacturing Engineering Online Online Aug 22 Dec 16 Rao Posinasetti
Ongoing MATH 1100 Mathematics in Decision Making GIS Web Online Prophet
Ongoing STAT 1772 Introduction to Statistical Methods GIS Web Online Prophet
Fall 2016 TECH 3119 60 Computer Applications in Technology Online Online Aug 22 Dec 16 Pramanik
Summer 2016 SW 3184 61 Field Instruction In Person Off Campus-Other May 9 Jul 29 Praglin
Fall 2016 MGMT 6250 60 Strategic Planning and Organizational Analysis In Person Off Campus-Other Nov 20 Dec 31 Power
Ongoing PSYCH 1001 Introduction to Psychology GIS Web Online Peterson
Ongoing PSYCH 2302 Psychology and Law GIS Web Online Peterson
Fall 2016 PSYCH 2302 01 Psychology and Law Online Online Aug 22 Dec 16 Peterson