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Academic Term Subj Area Catalog Nbr Section Title Inst. Mode Location Start Date End Date Instructorsort icon
Summer 2014 EDPSYCH 6214 61 Foundations of Instructional Psychology ICN Multi-site Location Jun 17 Jul 25 McNulty
Summer 2014 LITED 6233 60 WKSP: Introduction to Comprehensive Literacy In Person Off Campus-Other Jun 24 Jul 18 McGowan
Summer 2014 SW 3184 61 Field Instruction In Person Off Campus-Other May 12 Aug 1 McCullagh
Summer 2014 ENGLISH 6286 61 Studies in the Teaching of Writing In Person Off Campus-Other Jun 11 Jul 22 McCormick
Summer 2014 HPELS 1010 01 Personal Wellness Online Online May 12 Jun 20 Matvienko
Summer 2014 PEMES 3197 61 Internship in Physical Education In Person Off Campus-Other Jun 9 Aug 1 Matvienko
Spring 2014 LITED 6233 60F WKSP: Developing a K-6 Writing Assessment System In Person Off Campus-Other Apr 14 May 19 Mashek
Summer 2014 TEACHING 5133 60 WKSP: Excellence in Education Institute In Person Hawkeye Community College Jun 16 Jun 20 Martin
Spring 2014 PEMES 6297 60 Practicum Online Online Mar 10 May 9 Marston
Ongoing HUM 1021 Humanities I: The Ancient, Classical and Medieval Worlds GIS Web Online Open Open Maier
Summer 2014 PSYCH 1002 60 Careers in Psychology Online Online May 12 Jun 6 MacLin
Ongoing PEMES 4186/5186 Ethical Issues in Sport & Physical Activity GIS Web Online Open Open Mack
Summer 2014 PEMES 3197 60 Internship in Physical Education In Person Off Campus-Other May 12 Jun 20 Mack
Summer 2014 WGS 1040 90 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies Online Online May 12 Jun 6 MacGillivray
Summer 2014 TEXDSGN 4195 60 Internship in Textile and Apparel Online Online May 12 Aug 1 Lynch
Summer 2014 MATH 4133/5133 67 Making Sense of Algebraic Thinking Online Online Jun 16 Dec 31 Louk
Summer 2014 MATH 4133/5133 68 Making Sense of Rational Numbers Online Online Jun 23 Jun 30 Louk
Summer 2014 ELEMECML 3164 60 Teaching Elementary School Social Studies Online Online May 12 Jun 6 Logan
Spring 2014 EDLEAD 6286 61 Studies in Leadership from Within In Person Off Campus-Other Mar 24 May 9 Lasswell
Summer 2014 POL AMER 5130 60 Iowa Politics Online Online Jul 7 Jul 25 Larimer