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View our Spring 2014 courses.

Academic Term Subj Area Catalog Nbr Section Title Inst. Mode Location Start Date End Date Instructorsort icon
Summer 2014 COUN 6233 60 WKSP: Creativity and Counseling In Person/Online Online Jun 5 Jun 20 Davis-Gage
Summer 2014 ENGLISH 5133 61 Teaching Deliberatively: Writing and Civic Literacy In Person Off Campus-Other Jul 21 Jul 25 Davis
Summer 2014 TEACHING 4170 60 Human Relations: Awareness and Application Online Online May 12 Jun 20 Davidson
Ongoing SOC 2030 Sociology of Families GIS Web Online Open Open Cunningham
Ongoing SOC SCI 1020 Women, Men and Society GIS Web Online Open Open Cunningham
Summer 2014 HUM 3123 60 Latin America Online Online Jun 9 Jul 3 Cuadra
Summer 2014 FIN 3130/5130 80 Corporation Finance Online Online Jun 9 Jul 3 Cox
Summer 2014 SLS 5115 60 Organization of Information Online Online Jun 9 Aug 1 Cotton
Summer 2014 SPAN 4045/5045 60 Translation Online Online May 12 Jun 6 Cooley
Summer 2014 NUTR 1030 60 Basic Nutrition Online Online May 12 Jun 6 Collum
Summer 2014 MGMT 6272 60 Research and Analysis for Management Decisions In Person Off Campus-Other Jul 20 Aug 30 Clayson
Summer 2014 MKTG 6595 6P Topics: Applied Market Research In Person Off Campus-Other May 12 Aug 1 Clayson
Ongoing MUSIC 1100 Soundscapes: Music in Culture GIS Web Online Open Open Chidester
Ongoing SOC 3170/5170 Seminar in Sociology: Social Movements and Collective Action GIS Web Online Open Open Chananie-Hill
Ongoing CRIM 4323/5323 Social Deviance and Control GIS Web Online Open Open Chananie-Hill
Summer 2014 PSYCH 3304/5304 60 Organizational Psychology Online Online May 12 Jun 6 Butler
Ongoing CHEM 1011 Molecules and Life GIS Web Online Open Open Bumpus
Spring 2014 MGMT 6262 60 Cross-Functional Operations In Person Off Campus-Other Apr 6 May 10 Bumblauskas
Summer 2014 ELEMECML 4133/5133 63 WKSP: Teaching A to Z through a Garden In Person UNI Jul 15 Jul 17 Bruss
Summer 2014 TEACHING 5133 61 WKSP: Microsoft Office Specialist Training and Testing In Person Off Campus-Other Jun 10 Jun 11 Briggs