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Academic Term Subj Area Catalog Nbr Section Titlesort icon Inst. Mode Location Start Date End Date Instructor
Spring 2016 MUSIC 1100 11 Soundscapes: Music in Culture - Listening to Music Online Online Jan 11 May 6 Vallentine
Ongoing MUSIC 1100 Soundscapes: Music in Culture GIS Web Online Chidester
Ongoing SOC 2030 Sociology of Families GIS Web Online Cunningham
Ongoing SW 1041 Social Welfare: A World View GIS Web Online Van Wormer
Ongoing SOC 1060 Social Problems GIS Web Online Stalp
Spring 2016 SOC 1060 01 Social Problems In Person Allen College Jan 11 May 6 Mensink
Ongoing CRIM 4323/5323 Social Deviance and Control GIS Web Online Chananie
Spring 2016 SPED 6295 60 Single-Subject Research Applications Online Online Jan 11 May 6 Curran
Spring 2016 HISUS 6289 60 Seminar: Teaching U.S. History Online Online Jan 11 May 6 Connors
Spring 2016 ART 4300 01 Seminar: Critical Issues in Contemporary Art Online Online Jan 11 May 6 Byrd
Spring 2016 EDLEAD 6289 61 Seminar: Culturally Relevant Teaching Online Online Jan 11 May 6 Martin
Spring 2016 ENGLISH 6980 60 Seminar in the Teaching of English Online Online Jan 11 May 6 Vanderwall
Ongoing SOC 3170/5170 Seminar in Sociology: Social Movements and Collective Action GIS Web Online Chananie
Fall 2015 PEMES 6289 60 Seminar in Physical Education: Coaching and Sports Management Online Online Oct 19 Dec 18 Shaddox
Spring 2016 EDLEAD 6289 60 Seminar in Educational Leadership: PK-12 Online Online Jan 11 May 6 Huckstadt
Spring 2016 EDLEAD 7389 60 Seminar in Educational Leadership In Person UNI Jan 11 May 6 Schares
Spring 2016 SOCFOUND 3119 60 Schools and American Society Online Off Campus-Study Abroad Jan 11 May 6
Spring 2016 EDLEAD 6232 60 School Governance, Law and Intersystems Relations Online Online Jan 11 May 6 Gilson
Spring 2016 HUM 3121 05 Russia/Soviet Union Online Online Jan 11 May 6 Boruta-Sadkowski
Spring 2016 SCI ED 6500 01/60 Research Methods in Science Education Online Online Jan 11 May 6 Del Carlo