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Courses listed below include include semester-based courses and Guided Independent Study (GIS) courses. Enroll in a GIS course at any time and take up to nine months to complete your coursework.

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Academic Term Subj Area Catalog Nbrsort icon Section Title Inst. Mode Location Start Date End Date Instructor
Fall 2016 EDLEAD 6247 61 School Management for Student Learning ICN Online Aug 22 Dec 16 Alborn-Yilek
Fall 2016 EDLEAD 6284 62 Evaluator Approval for Improved Student Learning Online Online Aug 22 Oct 14 Schares
Fall 2016 EDLEAD 6294 60 Capstone TLMS Online Online Aug 22 Dec 16 Martin
Fall 2016 EDLEAD 6286 60 Orientation to Teacher Leader Model Standards and Educational Leadership Online UNI Aug 22 Oct 14 Gilson
Fall 2016 EDLEAD 6210 60 Culturally Relevant Teaching and Leading Online Online Oct 17 Dec 16 Martin
Ongoing EDPSYCH 4116/5116 Psychology of Adolescence GIS Print Off Campus-Other Al-Mabuk
Ongoing EDPSYCH 4152/5152 Development of the Middle School Aged Child GIS Web Online Freedman
Ongoing EDPSYCH 4186/5186 Studies in Forgiveness GIS Web Off Campus-Other Freedman
Summer 2016 EDPSYCH 6286 60 Studies in Assessment and Evaluation Online Online Jul 5 Jul 29 Skaar
Summer 2016 EDPSYCH 6214 60 Foundations of Instructional Psychology Online Online Jun 6 Jul 1 Al-Mabuk
Fall 2016 EDPSYCH 4186/5186 01 Studies in Forgiveness Online Online Aug 22 Dec 16 Freedman
Fall 2016 EDPSYCH 6235 60 Theories of Human Development Online Online Oct 17 Dec 16 Tichy
Fall 2016 EDPSYCH 6214 60 Foundations of Instructional Psychology Online Online Aug 22 Oct 14 Gabriele
Ongoing ELEMECML 4186/5186 Studies in Graduate-Level Writing GIS Web Online Gute
Ongoing ELEMECML 4150/5150 Elementary Curriculum GIS Web Online Weih
Ongoing ELEMECML 4123/5123 Methods of Teaching Visual and Performing Arts Integration in the Elementary Classroom GIS Web Online Tallakson
Summer 2016 ELEMECML 3164 60 Teaching Elementary School Social Studies Online Online May 9 Jun 3 Johnson
Summer 2016 ELEMECML 4133/5133 60 WKSP: Teaching A to Z through a Garden In Person UNI Jul 11 Jul 13 Bruss
Summer 2016 ELEMECML 4192/5192 60/60 Experience Early Childhood Online Online May 9 Jun 3 Pattee
Summer 2016 ELEMECML 6210 60 Diversity in Early Childhood Education: Theory and Practice Online Online Jun 20 Jul 29 Kirkland-Holmes