MATH 6500 Abstract Algebra -- 3 unit(s)

Groups: quotient groups, isomorphism theorems, products of groups, group actions, Sylow theorems, solvable and nilpotent groups. Rings and fields: quotient rings, rings of polynomials, integral domains, fields of fractions.

Term: Summer 2014

Start/End Date: Jun 9, 2014 - Jul 11, 2014
Meeting Time: Arranged
Online 6/9-6/18 and 7/7-7/11, In person 6/19-7/2, Mon-Fri, 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM.

Location (Facility ID): WRT 217

Instruction Mode: In Person/Online

Instructor(s): Marius Somodi, Associate Professor

Class Section: 60

Class Nbr: 11277
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