PEMES 3197 Internship in Physical Education -- 3-6 unit(s)

Comprehensive practical experience in physical education in which the student applies course work in an agency commensurate with degree option. Offered on credit/no credit basis only. May be repeated for maximum of 12 hours.Prerequisite(s): completion of all course work in the option; current certification in Standard First Aid and Community CPR; consent of Internship Coordinator.

Term: Summer 2014

Start/End Date: Jun 9, 2014 - Aug 1, 2014
Meeting Time: Arranged

Location (Facility ID): Arranged

Instruction Mode: In Person

Instructor(s): Mary Jane Toerner, Instructor

Class Section: 62

Class Nbr: 10178
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Tuition & fees

Course Notes: Students must bring approval from Internship Coordinator to Continuing Education Office.

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Carolina Wilson, Continuing and Distance Education
Phone: 800-648-3864 or 319-273-2121

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