Bachelor of Liberal Studies Degree Program (BLS)

If you are halfway or closer to completing your college education, or if you've received your Associate of Arts degree, the University of Northern Iowa Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) offers a convenient, flexible alternative to the traditional path to a bachelor's degree.

The BLS program, a fully-accredited degree program offered by each of the three Iowa Regents Universities, allows you to finish your degree from where you live. There are no residency requirements, so you can take classes and graduate without ever coming to campus. Tailor your degree to fit your needs with help from an advisor who will answer questions and monitor your progress.

Why choose the BLS?

  • A convenient and flexible program to complete a bachelor's degree
  • A broad-based liberal arts degree to prepare you for graduate school
  • An effective career advancement tool in today's competitive workplace
  • A unique, tailored degree program to meet your interests and goals

BLS course options

Guided Independent Study - a convenient way to earn college credit from home. You may enroll at any time and take up to nine months to complete each self-paced course. See our list of courses that apply to BLS distribution areas.

Semester-based courses - The University of Northern Iowa offers many semester-based courses at a distance. Complete your coursework without coming to campus. See our list of courses that apply to BLS distribution areas.

Transfer courses - As long as a minimum of 30 semester hours are earned from UNI during your junior and/or senior years, you may be able to enroll in courses at your local community college and/or another four-year institution.

On-campus courses - If you are within commuting distance of UNI, you may wish to consider taking on-campus courses to complete your degree. UNI Schedule of Classes