Interactive video conferencing

Adobe Connect is a desktop video conferencing system allowing for real-time interaction between instructors and students. Participate in the class via the web from a location that is most convenient for you, and connect with others without the costs of commuting. Access to high-speed Internet connection, a webcam and a headset microphone are required for Adobe Connect. The cost of a webcam and headset is approximately $35 for each (USB-type recommended). Many newer computers include a camera as a standard feature.

The Iowa Communications Network (ICN) is a statewide interactive fiber-optic educational television system with more than 750 sites around the state. Continuing and Distance Education is the largest on-campus ICN user and is responsible for campus-wide scheduling, fee collection/payment and room maintenance. Since its initial use in 1993, the ICN has proven to be an invaluable tool for the university as it seeks to meet statewide educational objectives. Courses are typically broadcast to sites across the state between 6 and 10 p.m. to serve as a convenient alternative for working adults who are not available to take courses during the day and/or commute to campus.

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