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Tuition Refund Review Committee


The Tuition Refund Review Committee considers requests for exceptions to the tuition and fees refund policy based on extenuating circumstances as documented by a student.  Justification for seeking a refund is submitted on the Extenuating Circumstances Tuition and Fees Refund Request form.  The committee reviews this documentation and approves or denies the request based on the information provided.  The committee is appointed by and reports to the Vice President for Student Affairs.


The committee is comprised of five voting representatives from the offices of the Registrar, Student Financial Aid, Dean of Students, Business Operations and Academic Affairs.  Members will serve until replaced.  The representative of the Registrar will serve as chair and call the meetings.


The committee shall meet on an as needed basis which may be weekly during specific times of the year.

Current membership
Representative, Registrar   Mary Baumann
Representative, Student Financial Aid   Tim Bakula
Representative, Dean of StudentsLeslie Williams
Representative, Business OperationsChristina Geweke
Representative, Academic AffairsSusan Hill
Representative, Provost OfficeAdrienne Lamberti