Joshua Sebree

Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: 
I am interested in the organic processes taking place in the atmosphere of Titan, Pluto and the early Earth. Of particular interest is the conditions that will lead to the formation of biological molecules from prebiotic hazes.
Contact Information
McCollum Science Hall 213
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My research program will aim to explore new aspects of prebiotic aerosols and their importance both in interpreting data from missions, such as Cassini-Huygens and New Horizons, and in understanding how biological molecules may form in abiotic environments. This will be accomplished through several research topics: 

 Titan aerosol formation as sink for stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes:

A joint study with NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center looking at how/if the formation of of aerosols plays an important role in the fractionation of 13C/12C and 15N/14N in Titan’s atmosphere. This work may involve traveling to NASA to perform some of the work. Students interested in spending the summer at GSFC should contact Dr. Sebree as soon as possible.

 Cryogenic Properties of Aromatic-Seeded Aerosols: Implications for Titan & Pluto

A joint study with NASA Jet Propulsion Lab looking at how the spectroscopy and properties of aerosols change at cryogenic temperatures.

 Biogeochemical Evolution of The Atmosphere: The BETA project

A joint study with NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center and UNI Department of Earth Science looking at how life and the atmosphere have influenced each other over geological periods of time. Of particular interest is the anoxic atmosphere that supported Earth’s first life and if different forms of oxygen (CO, CO2, O2) could have lead to the formation of biological chemicals in the early haze.