Dawn Del Carlo

Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: 
Chemistry Education Research

There are two general areas of research I pursue:

1. My primary interest is in how students' experiences at all levels affect their development as scientists'.  Specifically, what makes them choose to become science (and specifically chemistry) majors, what causes them to change their major and what causes them to perservere.  Most recently, the focus has been on the experiences of women, but the research can (and will at some point) be expanded to both men and women.

2. Closely related to the first topic, is my second interest in how students' (including pre- and in-service science teachers') perceptions of classroom and research laboratory work are influenced by the social interactions that occur in the laboratory setting. This includes interactions among group members, professors, and mentors leading to a "community of learners".

Lastly, while these are certainly areas of interest for me, research in chemistry education is very flexible.  Consequently, individual students who have specific projects or topics they are interested in exploring are welcome to discuss their ideas with me.