Masters Degrees

The Department of Chemistry offers three graduate programs at the Masters degree level for students who are interested in a post baccalaureate degree:

  1. MS Chemistry
  2. BA/MS Chemistry
  3. PSM in Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry

Students can obtain their graduate degrees in a friendly environment in which they can interact on a daily and personal basis with their faculty mentors. Most graduates of the program accept positions as chemists in industrial or environmental firms or go on to further their graduate studies and obtain their Ph.D. degrees.

Minimum Requirements for Admission

  1. A student must have a Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty member willing to serve as his/her graduate advisor
  2. A 3.0 (or higher) overall undergraduate grade point average is required for admittance to degree status. Student who have a 2.5 to 2.9 GPA may be admitted to providisional degree status depending on other indicators of academic potential
  3. Demonstrated potential to succeed in graduate students (performed well in upper division science coursework, previous research experience, work experience in a scientific discipline, etc.)
  4. Favorable letters of recommendation
  5. International Students must demonstrate proficiency in English by a 600 TOEFL, 100 iBT, or 7.0 IELTS score

MS and BA/MS Chemistry

These programs are research focused programs where the student will write a dissertation. Please explore the faculty web pages to learn more about the chemistry and biochemistryresearch projects available in the department.

The Masters degree in Chemistry requires a total of 30 semester credit hours beyond the bachelor's. degree. Each individual program is worked out in consultation with the student's Faculty Graduate Committee.

For more information contact: Dr. Martin Chin, Email:

BA/MS Chemistry

The BA/MS program in Chemistry is unique in Iowa in affording motivated students the opportunity to obtain both their Bachelors and Masters degrees in chemistry in a five year period. Students working toward a Bachelors degree in Chemistry who desire to enter the program will be identified prior to and during their junior year with provisional acceptance pending completion of the class work and maintenance of a 3.0 GPA. In their senior year they will apply for acceptance into the graduate college and can be taking courses for graduate credit.

For more information contact: Dr. Bill Harwood, Email:


PSM in Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry

The Professional Science Master's Degree is a non-thesis degree, which prepares students for career opportunities in businesses utilizing chemical and/or biochemical processes and instrumentation, is open to students who have earned a bachelor's degree in chemistry or biochemistry. It combines chemistry coursework featuring advanced topics and hands-on use of modern instrumentation with business coursework focused on problem-solving and decision-making. Learn more about PSMs at the University of Northern Iowa.

For more information contact: Dr. Jeff Elbert, Email:

Application Information for Prospective Graduate Students

Unique Program Features

  • A friendly environment in which students interact on a daily and personal basis with their faculty mentors.
  • Small classes which facilitate student-teacher dialog and learning.
  • A flexible program offering a wide variety of options and emphases with sufficient rigor to prepare for a productive career.
  • A BA/MS program that allows simultaneous pursuit of an advanced degree and a B.A.
  • Individualized hands-on training on the latest instrumentation used in science.
  • Research projects tailored to match student interests.

Financial Support

Students can expect to receive a full tuition stipend in the fifth year of the BA/MS program. Additional support in the form of teaching/research assistantships will be awarded based on student qualifications. A small number of stipends and scholarships is also available to highly qualified applicants.

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