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March 2015

Save money through efficiency -
Tuesday, Mar. 10; 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Waterloo Center for the Arts (225 Commercial Street, Waterloo)
Thursday, Mar. 12; 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Cedar Falls Community Center (528 Main Street, Cedar Falls)

Learn how to save money while being more energy and resource efficient in and around your home! Green Iowa AmeriCorps will present on home energy auditing and home energy efficiency tips.

Free and open to the public! View and share the flyer.

UNI Local Food Program -
Saturday, Mar. 14; 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Waterloo Center for the Arts (225 Commercial Street)
Discover the local food treasures of our region at this free, family friendly event! Learn more about the farmers’ markets, orchards, a diversity of farms, u-picks, CSA farmers, bakeries, creameries, meat lockers, breweries, and wineries that feed Northeast Iowa. Meet the farmers and producers, try samples, and get recipes! Receive coupons for $1 off admission to the Phelps Youth Pavilion, located in the Waterloo Center for the Arts. Lunch, coffee and tea available for purchase in the Arthouse Café.


Fabulous Resources for Energy Education -

UNI Energy Basics: Available February 4 to May 2 (must register by April 1)
UNI Solar Energy: Coming soon...

Do you need assistance teaching energy concepts and issues? Develop a deeper understanding to increase your confidence and discover activities you can use in your own classroom. Fabulous Resources for Energy Education (F.R.E.E.) were developed in response to the needs of educators in Iowa, and now we can share our professional development, activities, and physical materials with you in the form of online courses. Graduate credit available. View the flyer for complete details.

UNI Energy Basics has already started (join in by April 1). Learn the factors that influence the Earth's energy balance and discover how the flow of energy from the sun to the Earth influences our climate, from Ice Ages to Global Warming. Develop working definitions of energy that your students will understand, and more.

For more information, contact Pat Higby (; 319-273-6012).


Protecting the Environment and Living Well -
– $75 or free!

Help your students protect the environment and live well! Registration for this workshop - held June 15, 16 and November 14 - is now open. See below for more information or visit the website for complete details.


Green Iowa AmeriCorps to present -

Sunday, Mar. 22; 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Tama County Elementary School (1611 Country Club Drive, Tama)

Green Iowa AmeriCorps joins the Tama County Family STEM Festival in a presentation on energy efficient lighting using the Energy Bike. Children will get to see how much of their own pedal power it takes to light up CFL, LED, and incandescent light bulbs.


Open House -
Sunday, Mar. 29; 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
CEEE Rotunda

Join us at the rescheduled open house to celebrate the CEEE's PV system upgrade! CEEE recently upgraded its PV system to provide more power – an increase from 900 to 1,500 Watts – and allow the CEEE to monitor energy production live on a new CEEE-PV website. After just 3 weeks (1/8-1/31/15), the system produced 82.8 kWh of energy. On the CEEE-PV website reports will show past production, calculate carbon offset, produce graphs, and display photographs. Each PV panel is monitored separately, allowing the CEEE to perform experiments comparing various panel orientations and measuring the effects of snow or dust.

The CEEE thanks Alex Darragh, Wulfekuhle Electric, Nyle McMartin, Sierra Club, Pat Higby, and Bill Stigliani who contributed to these upgrades. Special thanks to Alex Darragh who led the initiative to get the system back on line.


Buy Fresh Buy Local -

If you grow or serve local food, we want to feature you! The Buy Fresh, Buy Local Food Guide helps connect consumers to the array of local foods available in Black Hawk and surrounding counties. If you are a farmer or you purchase and serve local food in your restaurant, grocery store, café, retail store, or institution, please join us! The guide appears in print and online forms to reach hundreds of consumers.

Contact Jodie Huegerich, UNI Local Food Program Coordinator ( or 319-273-7883).


Green Iowa AmeriCorps -

Green Iowa AmeriCorps is hiring service minded individuals to help Iowa communities save energy, provide energy conservation education and engage the community in worthwhile outreach activities. Talk with team members to learn about program opportunities. Full-time11 month positions begin September 2015 with openings available in all locations. View the flyer for details. 
Visit with Green Iowa AmeriCorps members at the UNI Career Fair, or contact Program Director Ashley Craft ( for more information. Applications available at
The Way We Live -

Watch how middle school teacher Emily Stensland used the book, Material World: A Global Family Portrait by Peter Menzel, to engage her students in exploring needs and wants around the world, taking action, and mentoring younger students. Click here to watch her professional development video (72 sec.).

Another group of creative, dedicated teachers from a 2014 workshop helped their students learn about the life cycles of products. Students explored the materials in a cell phone, found out where the raw materials were extracted, and estimated the distance each component traveled.

Read about even more classroom examples here.

These teachers’ projects emerged from a professional development course, Helping Students Protect the Environment and Live Well. Next workshop opportunity: June 15-16, 2015. Watch this space for information!


Helping Students Protect the Environment -

Resources to assist traditional and nontraditional educators in helping students and people of all ages “live what they love” and consume differently are available in the Educator Resource database that includes 125+ lesson plans, videos and other resources for use in the classroom and in nontraditional educational settings. The resources are searchable by grade level, material type, topic and content areas.


June 2015


Helping Students Protect the Environment and Live Well -

Monday, June 15 and Tuesday, June 16; 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Saturday, Nov. 14;  9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Cedar Rapids Linn County Waste Agency Education Center
(1954 County Home Road, Marion, Iowa)

Explore with your students the products Americans use daily - “the stuff of life.” These products have a life cycle: They are extracted, transported, produced, used and disposed of around the globe. Study how this “stuff” is a primary source of environmental problems and examine how this relates to life satisfaction. Course content is real and relevant. Materials introduced are interdisciplinary and classroom-ready, designed so your students learn essential skills and concepts from the Iowa Core as well as NGSS Science and Engineering Practices.

Learn more and find registration information here, and contact Susan Salterberg for more information (