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Professional Development    

Educators have a lot to teach in a very short time.  They don't have time for activities or material that don't match their local, state, or national standards.  That's why our Professional Development is based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)!  Our goal is to provide educators with activities and experiences in both Scientific Inquiry and Engineering Design Process.  These experiences also provide the content knowledge you need to feel comfortable teaching energy related concepts. 

Enroll in one or all of our MOOCs to get Professional Development where and when you want it!


To see our pilot MOOC, go to phigby.coursesites.com and click on UNI Energy Basics in the My Courses box, then click on the "Browse as a guest" icon.

The Energy MOOCs will be available for enrollment in November of 2015.  Tor receive a notification when they are open, please fill out the form at http://goo.gl/forms/XMrXKWnHLg

Enrolling in the MOOC is free, and you can do as much or as little of the course as your schedule allows.  Each course includes 15 instructor video hours + 30 activity and assignment hours.  The activityies and assignments may be used in your classrooms, with your students!  All participants who pass the course receive a certificate of completion and invitation to an “Energy Expedition”, a guided field trip related to the material studied. 

Iowa teachers may complete the MOOC for 1 graduate credit through UNI Continuing Education.  This optional credit is available for 2016 for just $100 per credit hour.  To request additional information, fill out the form at http://goo.gl/forms/XMrXKWnHLg


Our first three courses:
Review-Energy Basics (Now Available!)
Explore why you should teach about energy, and what you should teach.  Learn the factors that influence the Earth's energy balance and discover how the flow of energy from the sun to the Earth influenced our climate, from Ice Ages to Global Warming.  Discuss definitions of energy that your students will understand.  Chart the changes in the ways forms and conservation of energy are taught from kindergarten to high school. 

Renew-Solar Energy (Available Summer 2015)
Build a model solar car and use it to answer inquiry questions about balance, circuits, and solar cells.  Use what you've learned to build a super solar car using the Engineering Design Process.  Explore the changes in the sun's daily path across the sky with a pinhole solargraph, data, and graphs.  Learn how to add solar energy to your home or school.

Renew-Wind Energy (Available Spring 2016)
Build a model wind turbine and measure the output of different blades to understand the effects of angle, shape, and size.  Use what you've learned to build your own blade system using the Engineering Design Process.  Build a wind tunnel from a pair of fans to safely test your model turbines.  Use graphs and simple calculations to see how tower height and wind speed affect energy output.   Compare motors to generators, and energy to power.  Learn how Iowa schools use wind power.
Want a sneak preview?  Check out these YouTube videos that will be part of the MOOCs!