© Anne Craig
© Andrew Crooks
© Maria Buteler Tillard
© Amye McInnerney
© Dixie Fleege
© Josh Grandstaff
© T.J. Erdahl
© Scott Vermullum
© Chris Singewald
Book Arts
Digital Animation
Graphic Design
© Aaron Olson
Installation Art
Jewelry and Metals
Mixed Media
© David Schmitz
© Sally Kueker
© Hanna Mayhew
Performance Art
© Jerry Cowger
© Kristen Brown
© Stephanie Mason
© Heather Ames
© Susan Varzavand
Please note The copyright for any and all artwork on this website belongs to its originators.
© Kristyn Beckman
© Ashleigh Ford
© Bill Van Werden
© Bill Van Werden
© Maura Hosmer
© B.J. Alumbaugh
© Sarah Nichols
Art History
Above Sarah Nichols was a museum intern at the Archives of American Art at the Smithsonian Institution, where she was involved in the design and installation of Exquisite Surprise: The Papers of Joseph Cornell, which was exhibited at the AAA’s NYC Research Center Gallery. Right Her Art History project poster for “Foreign Devil, Devil Incarnate: Demonizing the Other in Medieval Europe,” presented at Research in the Capitol (2007), an undergraduate research event in Des Moines.
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student work
Innovative handmade book, designed, printed and bound by Maria Buteler Tillard.
Ceramic artworks by T.J. Erdahl and Chris Singewald.
Frames from animated films by Susan Varzavand and Sally Kueker.
Drawing by Mandy Dempster.
© Mandy Dempster
Logos, badge and currency by Dixie Fleege (above) and Anne Craig (left).
Short story and magazine cover illustrations for the North American Review by Amye McInnerney (far left) and Aaron Olson.
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Innovative objects made from metal and related materials by Josh Grandstaff (left) and Hanna Mayhew.
Mixed media artworks (combining techniques from more than one studio area) by Dana Becker, Andrew Crooks, and Maura Hosmer.
Painting by David Schmitz.
Collaborative class projects by (left) Alexa Tullar, Angie Brown and Greg Robinson, and (above) and Kystal Pomije, Nicole Burgess and Kaaity Aigner.
© Dana Becker
Explorations in photography, including bxw and color, traditional and digital. Photographs by Ashleigh Ford and Kristyn Beckman.
Printmaking may include lithography, serigraphy, relief printing, engraving and other methods. At left is a woodcut by B.J. Alumbaugh.
Sculpture students commonly work in a wide range of materials, and are frequently commissioned to make outdoor public sculpture, as in this example (far left) by Jerry Cowger.
Variations on a logo, and a proposal for a new typeface by Stephanie Mason (near right) and Kristen Brown.
Innovative uses of video and digital film technologies (often in combination with performance and installation art) by Bill Van Werden and Scott Vermullum.
Website Design
Interactive online graphic design portfolio by Heather Ames.
Scenes from student performances by Curt Steckel (above) and Jessica Kettler (right).