AT UNI, there is a long tradition of exemplary undergraduate teaching by skilled and caring professors, not by inexperienced graduate students. The quality of exchange and personal interaction between students and professors is a particularly strong aspect of teaching in the UNI Department of Art. Differing points of view, divergent styles, and a wealth of methodologies meet in a single classroom. Students benefit from individual contact with their teachers who are also active practitioners in fine arts, design arts, art history, art criticism or art education.

Below are two lists of department personnel. The first is a list of the administrative staff, the people who are responsible for the day to day operation of the department. The second is a list of full-time UNI art faculty, organized by the subject areas in which they usually teach. In addition to the teachers listed here, each year the faculty also includes (as needed) a small number of part-time or adjunct instructors.

Administrative Staff

Department Head
Jeffery Byrd Department Head 319 273-2077  <> more…

Department Office Staff
Fonda Ungs Office Coordinator 319 273-2077  <>

Angela Kroemer Secretary 319 273-2077  <>

Gallery of Art Director
Darrell Taylor 319 273-6134  <>

Visual Resources Curator
Bryan Van Donslear VRC Director 319 273-2077 <> more…

Shop Technician
Daniel Perry 319 273-2003 <> more…

Current Department Faculty

Art Education
Wendy Miller (University of Iowa) 319 273-2833 <>

Chris Schulte (University of Northern Iowa, Penn State University) 319 273-6097 <>

Art History
Dr. Charles Adelman (Brooklyn College, University of Chicago, University of Gothenburg) 319 273-2054 <>

Dr. Elizabeth Sutton (Carleton College, University of Iowa) 319 273-6260 <> more…

JoAnn Schnabel (Alfred University, Louisiana State University) 319 273-2392 <> more…

Alex Dooley (Florida State University, University of Northern Iowa) 319 273-2887 <>

Mary Frisbee Johnson (Montana State University, University of Cincinnati) 319 273-6468 <> more…

Angela Waseskuk (University of Northern Iowa, Alfred University) 319 273-7355 <>

Graphic Design
Roy R. Behrens (University of Northern Iowa, Pond Farm School, Rhode Island School of Design) 319 273-2260 contact more…

Philip Fass (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) 319 273-7278 <>

Soo Hostetler (University of Northern Iowa, Iowa State University) 319 273-2766  <>

Ken Hall (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Columbus College of Art and Design, Miami University at Oxford OH) 319 273-6142 <> more…

Performance Art
Aypryl Pippert (University of Northern Iowa, Drexel University) 319 273-7494 <>

Noah Doely (University of Northern Iowa, University of California-San Diego) 319 273-2036 <>

Tim Dooley (Florida State University, University of Tennessee) 319 273-2498  <> more…

Aaron Wilson (Wright State University, Ohio University) 319 273-2117 <> more…

Tom Stancliffe (Illinois State University, Northern Illinois University) 319 273-7684  <>

Emeritus Faculty

Steven Bigler | painting and drawing
Richard Colburn | photography
frje echeverria | painting and drawing
William Lew | art history
John Page | printmaking
Alan Shickman | art history
Jo Siddens | printmaking
Crit Streed | painting

Experience, professionalism, and commitment. These days, those are hard to find, but they are exactly the traits that I saw in the faculty and staff at the UNI Department of Art. Every teacher with whom I worked expressed a sincere interest in the students, and offered insights into not just their particular course, but also shared their knowledge about real world standards and expectations. I can't say enough to praise the quality of my experience at UNI.

John Dopita 
BFA ‘94
graphic designer
What I liked most about the UNI Department of Art was getting to know the other students and professors—I formed genuine friendships that I will have for a long time. 

Erich Bonzer
BA 2001
senior web designer
Cedar Falls
The art faculty at UNI not only encourages students, but they also challenge them to grow personally as well as artistically. As a result, the graduates from that school are consistently strong, creative professionals who do well when they transfer into the work force and the world.

Jared Rogness
BFA 2003
Los Angeles
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university of northern iowa Cedar River Series prints by John Page Dan
Perry Soo
Hostetler Kenneth
Hall Mary
Johnson JoAnn Schnabel Tom
Stancliffe Aaron
Wilson Darrell
Taylor Fonda
Ungs Angela
Kroemer Elizabeth Sutton Aypryl
Pippert Wendy
Miller Angela Waseskuk Charles Adelman Roy R.
Behrens Jeffery
Byrd Tim
Dooley Phil
Fass current faculty and staff
fall semester 2014

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Above Animated self-portrait postage stamp by currrent student (not really from Kalamazoo) Kenny Meisner.
Above Animated self-portrait postage stamp by photographer and aspiring pugilist Corbett Fogue (BFA ‘10).
Above Animated color circle by currrent student Gillian Renk.
Art Education
at UNI
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Van Donslear Noah
Doely Chris