THE DEPARTMENT of Art is located in the Kamerick Art Building. Its design (which is based on a logical modular plan, as shown below) has received several architectural awards. Opened in 1985, it is still described as one of the finest, most distinctive art buildings in the country. 
Comprised of more than 67,000 square feet, in two wings on two levels, its space is used for classrooms, studios, administrative and faculty offices, lecture hall, computer lab, visual resources center, student study center, art store, and an art gallery. As shown here, it faces an elegant courtyard, where students and faculty can easily gather for casual conversations during breaks between classes.
The building is based on a modular plan (shown here) that pays homage to one of the oldest traditions in architecture. It is the proportion of 1x2 (the same as that of a domino), in which two squares are joined or split. In traditional Japanese architecture, it is the proportion of the 3x6 foot floor mat (the tatami), multiples of which were arranged to determine the shape of a room. As you walk through the building, look for allusions to this pattern on the walls, in the windows, and so on.
The Kamerick Art Building was designed by a Des Moines-based architect named H. Kennard Bussard of  Bussard-Dikis Associates. At the front of the building is a commissioned sculpture by Walter Dusenbery, titled Porta Largo (1985).
Architect’s model of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts complex, with the plaza in the center (c1985).
As a non-traditional student, returning to finish a degree in art, the UNI art department was the perfect place for me. The faculty (and students) were a constant source of inspiration, and they still are, as I continue to be in contact with many of my former professors and fellow students.

Julie McLaughlin 
BA 1997
fiber artist department of art
university of northern iowa
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