ON THE UNI campus, there are literally scores of well-equipped 
computer labs, in classrooms, dormitories, the library, and in designated media labs. Only a few of those are Macintosh labs, the platform that is often preferred by art-related professionals, especially graphic designers. Adjacent to the classrooms in the Department of Art, there are three computer labs for student use, two of which are Macintosh, with a third devoted to Windows. The capacity of each lab is about 20 work stations. These labs are partly funded by a campus-wide computer lab fee that is supported by all students. Using those funds, old computers are replaced, software is updated, and peripheral devices like scanners, printers and digital cameras are made available for student use. During the labs’ open hours, this equipment is available to all students, for classroom and personal projects as well.

Students are not expected to purchase their own computers, 
although increasingly they do. The university provides access to 
a wide variety of software on its servers, but it cannot supply 
software for use on computers outside of the labs.
Equipment in our computer labs includes such things as photo and slide scanners,  BxW laser printers, color laser printers, large format printers, platemaker printer, graphic tablets, digital cameras, binding machines, digital projectors, and so on.  
Being taught at UNI by successful, working artists provided me with an education that came from first-hand knowledge of the profession.

Gillian Christy BFA 2002
Providence RI
I’ve known since childhood that I wanted to be an artist. But until I went to UNI, I didn’t know how important that decision would be. While there, I worked with faculty who seemed to live their art—every hour of the day! It was inspiring to be with people who made art so all encompassing.

Gary Gnade 
BA 1970
Manager of Creative Services at Pearson Educational, and
design retailer (Design Ranch),
Iowa City and Davenport IA

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