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The living roadway trust fund is created in the office of the treasurer of state. The moneys in this fund shall be used exclusively for the development and implementation of integrated roadside vegetation management plans.

By simply adopting an IRVM plan, a county or city becomes eligible to receive grant money from The Living Roadway Trust Fund (LRTF) for:
- Conducting an Inventory of Roadside Conditions within the County
- Obtaining Prairie Grass and Wildflower Seed for Roadside Plantings

By hiring a roadside manager, counties become eligible to receive
Living Roadway Trust Fund money for:

- Native Gra
ss Drill
- Hydro Mulcher
- Straw Mulch Blower
- GPS and Software
- Prescribed Burn
- Seed Harvesting

- Seed Cleaning
- Culti-packer

- Brush Chipper
- Chain Saw
- Herbicide Application

- Erosion Control Material
- Seed Storage Facility
- Education/Outreach Materials
- Research

Application Deadline:
June 1, 2013

Application forms & information available at:

For more information contact:
Living Roadway Program
Iowa Department of Transportation
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, IA 50010
(515) 239-1768