Current Research Interests

Performance in Intercultural Environments

Given the continuing globalization of U.S. based organizations and the increasing diversity in the U.S. work force, the ability to successfully interact with individuals from another culture is important. My research focuses on understanding the nature of adjustment and job performance in an intercultural environment, determining what psychological characteristics increase the probability of success in such an environment, and determining how to measure these characteristics.

Increasing the effectiveness of teaching and practice in I-O Psychology.

The profession of Industrial-Organizational Psychology is a relatively new and often under-utilized field. How well are we known? What do people believe about our services and training? What can I-O Psychologists do to improve their recognition in the scientific and business communities? As a profession, what are our goals and what benefits can we provide to the public? How can we best teach the knowledge and skills to be an effective Industrial-Organizational Psychologist? I see these as research questions.


Psychological Measures