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Web Development Languages

Posted on Friday, December 11th, 2009 by purdy

Below are the results of a recent survey of the University Web Developers Listserv of what developers were currently using and were likely to use in the future. The data is based on 83 responses.

What Web development languages do you use at your college or university?
PHP (77.1%)
JScript (38.6%)
Perl (31.3%)
Cold Fusion (25.3%)
ASP Classic/VBScript (22.9%)
Java (21.7%) (18.1%)
Python (16.9%)
Ruby on Rails (14.5%) (9.6%)
JSP (9.6%)
Other (6.0%)

What Web development languages do you think will be mainstream five years from now?
PHP (81.9%)
Java (43.4%)
Ruby on Rails (38.6%) (36.1%)
JScript (34.9%) (25.3%)
Python (24.1%)
Perl (18.1%)
JSP (14.5%)
Cold Fusion (13.3%)
Other (8.4%)
ASP Classic/VBScript (3.6%)