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Drupal 8 is Coming to UNI (finally)

Drupal 8 logo

With the appearance of release candidates for Drupal 8, we're getting closer to developing sites at UNI in D8. The UNI web server needs some upgrades to be Drupal 8 compatible, and work has begun on converting the Default UNI Theme and some key custom UNI modules to D8.

The current D8 migration timeline at UNI:

Nov. 1     Dev server is compatible with Drupal 8

Dec. 1     Initial release of D8 Default UNI Theme

Jan. 1     Stage and Production servers compatible with Drupal 8

Jan. 30   First sites released in Drupal 8 (smaller, simpler sites)

For more information on Drupal 8 development process, or how to set up a local install of Drupal 8 on your computer, contact DeWayne Purdy, Charles Sanders or Celeste Parker.

Resources for Learning Drupal 8

Drupal 8 Q/A (older but still relevant)

Video overview of D8 changes

Series of video tutorials (BuildAModule - not all free)

Drupal 8 Slideshow (from Drupal)

Examples of live Drupal 8 sites

Resources for Developing in Drupal 8

Drupal 8 Site

Modules status list

Twig, Drupal 8's New Theme Layer

An in-depth look at D8's theming changes (1hr video)

Drupal 8 Communities

Drupal group for sites running d8

AmazeeLabs:  Company's site running d8, plus discussion about a d8 site they built for a customer

Drupal Bits at Web-Dev: Deploy Feature changes by reverting with Hook Update Deploy Tools

Posted on Monday, October 19th, 2015 by drupalroot

If you are using a deploy workflow with your Drupal website you may be reverting your Features through code.  One approach is to make the Feature take care of itself by adding an .install file to the Feature and then adding a hook_update_N() to the install.  This has some nice advantages of keeping your changes compartmentalized.  Translation: fewer merge conflicts on your deploy.install.

Chen Hui Jing: Drupal 101: Installing Drupal 8

Posted on Monday, October 19th, 2015 by drupalroot

For people who may not be entirely familiar with the software development process, understand that it’s not like we start off with a fixed pool of issues which gets smaller as issues are resolved. For a relatively large project like Drupal, on-going development will inevitably introduce new issues. But if you take a look at the issue logs, the issues have been steadily trending downward since we started, and RC1 was finally released on October 7.

I first took a peek at Drupal 8 over a year ago when it was at alpha9 just out of curiosity. At that time in my career, I was barely getting the hang of Drupal 7, so I didn’t really explore very much beyond...

Drupal @ Penn State: Youtube Uploader widget

Posted on Monday, October 19th, 2015 by drupalroot

This is a quick video I shot showing how you can use the YouTube Uploader widget to streamline your workflows of interacting with Drupal and Youtube. I’m demonstrating this in the context of ELMS Learning Network as we’re looking at utilizing this module as part of our ELMSmedia distribution. It’s pretty impressive what the 7.x-2.x version is able to do and without further ado; enjoy.


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