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         UNI Intercollegiate Academics Research
                    and Creative Activity Fund         
            2014-2015 Guidelines and Application

Research and Creative Activity Application
(MS Word)

Contact Stephanie Saak at or 273-2519 with any questions.




The Intercollegiate Academics Research and Creative Activity Fund supports research and creative activities for undergraduate and graduate students in the University of Northern Iowa. The awards, in amounts up to $650 per person and $1,500 per group (not to exceed the $650 per person maximum), are to be used specifically for costs related to academic research or creative activity expenses.


Students may receive only one award from the Research and Creativity Fund per academic year (July 1-June 30).  Students may receive a Travel award and a Research and Creativity Award from Intercollegiate Academic Fund (IAF) the same year.

For Fall and Spring semester awards:

  • ---Students must be enrolled the semester they apply.
  • ---All supplies must be purchased and reimbursements submitted to IAF by June 1.
For May and June awards:
  • ---Students must be enrolled the previous spring semester.
  • ---All supplies must be purchased and reimbursements submitted to IAF by June 30.
For July and August awards:
  • ---Students must be enrolled in the coming fall semester.
  • ---All supplies must be purchased and reimbursements submitted to IAF by September 1.
  • ---Students will not be eligible for another Research and Creative Activity award until July 1 of the following year.

Selection Criteria

Awards will be based upon the scholarly/artistic merits of the proposed project. To be eligible, the student’s instructor or faculty advisor must verify the intended use of the monies. Any revisions to the approved budget must be resubmitted for approval.

Eligible costs

 -- Computer software (1-year license), laboratory or field research supplies

 -- Relevant office costs (mailing, photocopying, printing), library services

 -- Travel costs directly related to research and creative activities

 -- Art supplies and recording fees

 -- Other Related External fees/costs

Ineligible Costs

 -- Personal computers, and other general personal computer-related hardware

 -- Student wages

 -- Academic course or workshop fees

 -- Costs related to presentation of results

Submissions Guidelines

Applications must include the following:

 -- Cover Sheet (Please use the form provided.)

 -- A one-page narrative outlining the research project (12 pt Times New Roman/Courier font, 1 inch margins all around) that
    includes the scholarly merits of the project, the purpose and nature of the project, expected project outcomes, and what,
    specifically, you plan to do with the research funds. (See Example)

 -- A detailed budget that includes costs per item, total number of items, total project costs, and a justification of any
    extraordinary items in the budget. (Please use the budget form provided or a document in similar format.)

 -- Requests for funding will not be considered after expenses have already been incurred.

Reimbursement Guidelines

After an award is given, expenses should be paid by the student, faculty member, or department. The IAF Fund will reimburse expenses upon receipt of the following:

 --Summary of research or creativity activity--3-4 paragraphs explaining what was accomplished and what the next steps in the project will be.

 -- Request for Payment form with original receipts.  If the department paid for the expenses, the department secretary can work with IAF to create a journal entry to reimburse expenses.

The Summary and Request for Payment can be submitted at the middle or end of the project but no later than June 1, 2014 for Fall and Spring awards. See “Student Eligibility” for due dates on summer awards.

UNI Policy 6.10 Ethics and Academic Responsibility

According to UNI Policy 6.10.1.f, all research conducted by UNI faculty, students, and staff that involves human subjects -- questionnaires, surveys, interviews, observations -- must be reviewed by the University institutional review board (IRB) before the research begins. An IRB certificate of approval has to be submitted prior to the reimbursement of expenses. Information about IRB review is available here.


Revised: November 2011