University of Northern Iowa
Four-Year Graduation Guarantee


The University of Northern Iowa, in response to a student body that is diverse in experiences, talents, expectations and goals, has developed a "pact" that is designed to assist students in completing an undergraduate degree within four calendar years of their initial freshman enrollment. Students may follow many paths to graduation, with dozens of majors and concentrations offered through five undergraduate colleges. In addition, special programs can be tailored to the needs and interests students bring to the campus or discover once they are here. Students who wish to participate in the four-year graduation plan must average from 16 to 18 credits per semester (one quarter of the applicable credits for their major each year) and will need to make academic and personal choices that will result in graduation within four years.

UNI's four-year graduation plan is called UNIGradPact. Students who enroll as freshmen with well-defined interests, in "pact-approved" majors, and who want to complete their undergraduate study as expeditiously as possible, are assured of being able to enroll in courses allowing graduation in four calendar years. UNIGradPact is an agreement between the University and those students who choose to participate in the plan.

Students accept responsibility for monitoring their own progress toward degrees and for making choices that will allow them to graduate within four calendar years. The University is responsible for maintaining systems of advising so that students can track their progress, and agrees to provide the needed courses or their equivalents.

The University continues to encourage breadth and exploration as essential parts of a university education. UNIGradPact is designed to assure that students are carefully guided in their course choices while still benefitting from the rich educational opportunities offered by the University. Those students who conclude that UNIGradPact does not meet their academic and/or personal goals are encouraged to develop in consultation with their academic advisor a plan and timetable for completing the courses in their major that will allow them to achieve their individual academic, career, professional and personal aspirations. Those students who do not participate in the plan will still benefit from descriptions of recommended patterns of progress toward degrees and enhanced advising services that will be available to all students.

General Conditions

1. Students must enter the University as freshmen with appropriate high school preparation to begin a four-year graduation plan.

2. Students must sign up for UNIGradPact and declare their interests in a major that qualifies for the four-year plan.

3. Students are responsible for meeting deadlines and requirements of the pact. Therefore, students must regularly monitor their progress toward graduation. Such monitoring includes meeting each semester, in a timely manner prior to registration, with their academic advisor.

4. For courses required by the major and for graduation, students must accept any available section that can be accommodated in their course schedule and must register at their assigned registration time.

5. Students must be admitted and remain in good academic standing to the colleges and departments which offer their major.

6. Students may change majors and remain in the program if, at the time the student decides to make the change, he or she can still meet the requirements of the new major and graduate within the four calendar years. Students may enroll in an additional major or in programs leading to additional licensing and certification, and remain in UNIGradPact, if they can complete these additional requirements and those of their first major within the four calendar years. Students must see their academic advisor in a timely manner in order to accomplish these changes or additions.

7. Students must accept responsibility for timely annual application for all necessary financial assistance.

8. Students must complete a minimum of one quarter of the applicable credits for their major each year (including summer sessions).

9. If, after working with their advisor, it appears that graduation may be delayed due to the unavailability of a course, students must notify the Office of the Provost, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, in writing prior to the beginning of classes in the term in which the course would be needed.

If the student meets all the conditions of the four-year plan but is unable to graduate due to the unavailability of a course, the university will offer one of the following:

1. Allow the student to graduate in four years by substituting a different course or an independent study assignment, as determined by the department and the college offering the student's major.

2. Allow the student to graduate in four years by waiving the requirement to be met by the unavailable course, as determined by the department and college offering the student's major.

3. Allow the unavailability of a course to delay the student from graduating in four years, in which case the University will waive UNI tuition and mandatory fees for this course in order for the student to graduate within the next year.

These procedures will be the exclusive remedy for the four-year plan (UNIGradPact) agreement. The University is under no obligation to provide one of these adjustments unless the student submits a written request for an accommodation to the Provost prior to the beginning of classes in the last term of the student's four-year plan.

By signing this agreement, the student agrees to satisfactorily complete coursework identified on the attached plan of study, comply with the UNIGradPact General Conditions, and meet the requirements to graduate in four calendar years. The University, by signature of the department head, agrees to offer the courses or equivalents needed by the student to graduate under this four-year plan.

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