Section 6.0 Compensation

Summer compensation for full-time employment for teaching, research, professional service, or any combination thereof, for the eight- (8) week period shall be two-ninths (2/9) of the previous academic year budget salary, that is, one (1) month's salary for each of the two (2) months' full-time employment. The compensation for a part-time assignment will be the same proportion of the compensation for full-time employment as the part-time assignment bears to a full-time assignment for the eight- (8-) week summer period.

Section 6.1 Assignment

Work assignments will be made by the employer. Part-time assignments during all or part of the summer session period may be made.

Section 6.2 Notice of Appointment

Full-time and part-time summer appointments shall be made by memorandum of appointment before March 1, but may be earlier if budget schedules permit. Later appointments may be made, if agreed by the employee and employer, in the case of positions for which the availability of funds is not known until a later date.