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University Relations is responsible for contact with the news media, including the creation and distribution of information related to general university news or topics requiring an institutional response. UNI faculty and staff who are contacted by reporters need to communicate with UR. The goal of UNI media relations efforts is to provide media outlets with useful information in a user-friendly, highly readable, credible format that clearly represents the university's brand.

UR is the coordinator of all university media relations efforts.  If you have an idea, program or event that you think media outlets would be interested in covering, please contact Liz Conklin at Several options for disseminating your information to the media are available.

News release - A news story or brief about UNI, or topical/timely news from a UNI source. Distributed to the media by University Relations.

Story tips - Short story idea with contact information containing news about UNI, or topical/timely news from a UNI source. Typically a couple sentences with faculty/staff comment on topic. Distributed to the media by University Relations.

Op-ed - Guest editorials related to a topical/timely issue from a UNI source. An op-ed should be written by the UNI source. We encourage UNI sources to send the op-ed to University Relations for distribution to the media. A disclaimer must be included that states: "The views and opinions expressed are those of the author(s) and do not imply endorsement by the University of Northern Iowa." Exceptions may be provided by University Relations.

Proactive pitching - University Relations subscribes to several electronic services that allow media representatives around the world to post needs for experts and resources in order to pursue a story. When UNI has people who fit their needs, we try to match them up.

Media training
UR is available for media training. To schedule an appointment, contact Stacey Christensen, or 3-6728. This Message Development Worksheet will be helpful in thinking about the main message and points you want to make during the interview.

Faculty and staff media experts
UNI's Professional Interests Database includes faculty and staff expertise areas and topics they are willing to discuss with media. To become a resource for media, complete the interest form at

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