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Office of University Relations

Electronic Communications

Web Design

University Relations designs web sites using the university's web content management system, allowing departments to easily manage their own sites. A new default-install allows us to quickly set up a basic site, with a variety of features, including slideshows, feature stories, faculty/staff directory, social media links and calendars.

We work to ensure an attractive, up-to-date approach for the overall UNI web space and can help make your web pages consistent with that effort. We provide complete web planning and design services, as well as targeted assistance in such areas as web site analytics and video.

Electronic Newsletters

University Relations, in conjunction with the UNI Foundation and UNI Alumni Association, maintains an electronic communications software system that is linked to the Millennium alumni database. With it we can segment alumni lists to send e-newsletters and other communications to UNI alumni and others. Lists can be segmented by majors, geographic location, and many other criteria.

A key part of the process is strict adherence to federal and state laws on e-communications, including the federal CAN-SPAM law. Steps are also taken with every mailing to prevent the domain from being blacklisted by Internet service providers.