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Changes to MyUNIverse News and UNI Online


TO:                         DDDH

FROM:                    Stacey Christensen, University Relations

RE:                          New Campus Communication

DATE:                     Nov. 29, 2012

UNI to unveil "Inside UNI" communication

Early this semester, UNI announced a new communication website was being created for faculty, staff and students to allow for greater flexibility and depth of UNI announcements and news.

The new communication "Inside UNI," will be unveiled in mid-January, replacing UNI Online and MyUNIverse News. The purpose of Inside UNI is to provide more opportunities to tell the stories of faculty, staff and students and share current news and relevant campus announcements.

In addition to campus announcements, the site will highlight new features including faculty, staff and student stories, top UNI news, campus photos and recent faculty, staff and student achievements in the areas of grants, awards and honors.

Initially, faculty and staff will still receive two emails per week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, with a brief list of announcements that will link through to the Inside UNI Faculty and Staff page for more announcements, campus stories and news.

Students will continue to receive an email on Mondays with brief announcements that will link through to the Inside UNI Current Students page for more announcements, campus stories and news.

Added benefits of Inside UNI:

•Faculty, staff and student accolades – electronic form to submit honors, grants and awards

•Story ideas – ability to submit news and UNI home page story ideas

•Faculty, staff and student stories – showcasing the stories behind the faces

•Current, more timely announcements - updated daily

Submission information and more details will be coming soon.

The Inside UNI website is the core communication source for all university news.  The emails serve as highlights and reminders of key announcements. We appreciate your patience, input and support as we make these changes. Questions and comments can be shared with Stacey Christensen, stacey.christensen@uni.edu or 3-6728, or Liz Conklin, liz.conklin@uni.edu or 3-6728.