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Maucker Union

BSU workshop: Rasheed Cromwell

The Black Student Union will host Rasheed Cromwell who will present at a workshop that addresses the "diversity experience" on campuses and within houses and chapters. It takes a much-needed "open and honest" approach that challenges traditional thinking. There will be interactive exercises that will allow participants to leave with a greater personal understanding of diversity issues and how they impact our daily lives.

BSU trivia night

The Black Student Union will host a trivia night focusing on the contributions that African Americans have made throughout history. Black history facts will be posted on BSU's facebook, twitter and instagram accounts during February where students will be able to review facts that will be asked at the trivia night. Prizes will be provided.

BSU 90's skate party

The Black Student Union will host a showcase of how music and the roller rink have contributed to today’s culture. This will be a 90’s themed skate party with skates provided. There will be music and facts from the 1990s including a 90’s best dressed and best skater contest.

BSU Fashion 4 Action

The Black Student Union will host a fashion show that taps into the fashion world, showcasing local privately owned clothing stores and  merchandise provided by Infiniti Enterprises. Activities include a runway show, hands-on teen workshops, informative seminars and music exhibits.


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