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Center for Multicultural Education

Disco Skate

Come enjoy a night of skating in the Wellness and Recreation Center; learn about the history of the disco era and disco music. Let us take you to "funky town!" There will be a contest for the top two '70s costumes; winners will receive a free ticket to the Stepper's Ball Valentine Dance.

Peaceful Resolution of International Conflict

Louisa Thomas, granddaughter of Norman Thomas and author of Conscience: Two Soldiers, Two Pacifists, One Family--a Test of Will and Faith in World War I, will deliver an address about nonviolent conflict resolution. A panel discussion on the peaceful resolution of international conflict will follow. Panelists are Dr. Jerome Soneson, head of the department of philosophy and world religions; Dr. Michael D. Blackell, director for multicultural education; Prof. Thomas Kessler, collections librarian and director of the Peace and Justice Center; and Rev. Susan Janzen, pastor of the Cedar Falls Mennonite Church. Thomas will also be available for comments and to answer questions. This program is sponsored by the Center for Multicultural Education and is part of the series, Reaching for Higher Ground: Community after 9/11.

Black/Latino Unity: The Missing Link

News reporter and anchor, poet, writer, activist and lecturer Felipe Luciano is one of the most dynamic Latino public figures in the United States of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. His eloquence, vision, and passion for issues of social justice are extraordinary and reflect the courage of a generation that chose to organize, teach, and struggle against the powerful institutions of discrimination. The essential coalition for an American political power base of color is unity and cooperation between brown and black peoples, Luciano argues. A new united front is needed that will shift the balance of power by building a lobby for education, housing, jobs and culture.


I, Too, Am UNI is a photo essay project that will depict the stories of students from under-represented groups who experience micro-aggressions on a regular basis at UNI. The inspiration for this event is the I, Too, Am Harvard project, which specifically focused on racial micro-aggressions. Students will have the opportunity to write their story or phrases on a dry erase board and will be photographed holding it. These photos will then be on display on the I, Too, Am UNI Tumblr and Facebook fan page.


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