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Executive Vice President and Provost

Graduate College Brown Bag Lecture Series: "The Maid Narratives: A Presentation for Black History Month"

Katherine van Wormer, 2012-2013 Distinguished Scholar and professor, Department of Social Work, will present “The Maid Narratives: A Presentation for Black History Month." A co-author shares her experiences in researching and writing a book that is constructed around stories of women of the Great Migration, most from Waterloo, Iowa, who worked as domestic servants in Mississippi. The purpose in writing the book was to uncover little-known facts about mistress-maid relationships in the Jim Crow South. The stories were amazing but the challenges many in bringing this history to light.

V-Men Workshop

Men of all backgrounds have always been a part of V-Day, a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls. Panelists Harry Brod, sociology, anthropology and criminology; Michael Fleming, school of applied human sciences; Alan Heisterkamp, Center for Violence Prevention; and Mark Rowe-Barth, wellness and recreation services, explore the issues of violence against women and girls from a male perspective, addressing the root causes of the violence and the ways men can be active participants in ending it. Man-identified participants only. No registration is required.


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