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Executive Vice President and Provost

"Controversial Issues" Workshop

This workshop provides a specific NCBI approach for effectively working through interpersonal, group, organizational, or social disagreements or conflicts; teaches useful skills for addressing potentially divisive situations that can move everyone forward; highly interactive as trained facilitators walk the group through a structured process on a current point of disagreement among the group members; participants learn to articulate their perspective in ways others can hear; to listen effectively to alternative positions; and to work toward common ground. Participants must be able to attend the full 4-hour workshop. Refreshments are provided. The workshop is facilitated by members of the UNI-National Coalition Building Institute. This is a campus-wide program to create a more welcoming community to which everyone wants to belong.

"Leadership for Diversity Inclusion" Workshop

You are invited and strongly encouraged to come to this free workshop. It is a highly interactive, community and skill building opportunity with students, faculty and staff. Facilitated by the UNI-National Coalition Building Institute team. Lunch and snacks provided. Pre-registration required:
For more information or 273-2519.


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