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Study Abroad Information Session: Capstone in Greece

Learn about a summer 2013 short-term capstone program in Greece. Earn three capstone and two elective credits while discovering the Greek material culture. Enjoy three weeks of sun, food, scenery, history and art. Travel across Greece, visit archeological sites, Byzantine castles and monasteries. Wander the streets of dozens of Greek cities and towns. Spend six days on the famous islands of Santorini and Crete.

Study Abroad Info Session: Taiwan (Bio/Psych Research)

Students will travel to NCCU for a six-week program. Faculty members from the Departments of Biology and Psychology will travel with the students and stay for one week. Students will be involved in neuroscience and psychology research for half of the day (opportunities in many areas of biology and psychology are available based on student interests) and will take a Chinese language course for the other half of the day

Study Abroad Open House

Learn about study abroad, service learning, volunteer, research and internship opportunities. There are more than 60 countries and 1,000 programs for a semester or academic year from which to choose. Instructor-led and short-term study abroad programs during the summer and winter/spring break are also available.


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