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Beyond Frozen: Science, Math, and Art of Fractals

If you’ve never paid much attention to the song, “Let It Go,” you may not have noticed, but there’s a line that Elsa sings that says, “My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around.” Many patterns in nature have fractal qualities in different form and sizes from mountains, sea shores, snow flakes, blood veins, and inside cell structures. All these beautiful patterns look like a magnificent art work, which has a deep root in math, science, and computer science and many applications in modern science and engineering. The cool thing is that we can reproduce and generate fractals as art works by art and computer coding. Campers will observe and describe natural fractals and create their own.

Opening Doors to STEM

This camp will be organized around three themes— algebraic problem solving, the visualization of mathematics, and making connections between representations and ideas. Woven throughout the curriculum and teaching are the actions and messages that help campers develop a growth mindset. Everyone can do well in math; mistakes, struggle, and persistence are all important. Mathematics is an open, growth subject, not a closed, fixed subject. Campers will discover that communicating, reasoning about, and justifying ideas are central acts in the work of mathematics. Campers will engage in a wide range of mathematical concepts that can be seen from individual examination of the tasks. This camp is for middle school aged campers who may not excel at math now but want to.

Mastering Multiplayers

Get your game on! Campers will explore the server side of online gaming with Minecraft and Steam-based games. Deploy and manage (and play!) a multiplayer game server on a cloud-based service. Tackle network setup, server configuration, security constraints, and game customization through plug-ins and extensions.

renewabLE energy is GOod

This camp is designed by UNI Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) faculty to inspire talented middle school students and build a foundation for understanding energy, power generation, renewable energy sources, science, engineering, and technology. Spend the week at the UNI Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) facility exploring energy sources, especially renewable energy. Get your hands on EET lab equipment (including solar panels, wind tunnel, and turbine) to investigate circuits, generators, and motors. Once you’ve got the basics of energy down you’ll work in teams with LEGO Renewable Energy Kits to solve a series of challenges.

Intermediate Robotics

Campers with previous Lego EV3 robotics experience will learn how to design, build, and program Lego EV3 robots to perform a variety of advanced tasks. These tasks will require usage of multiple sensors and gears. The camp will increase participants’ knowledge/skill in several STEM areas: (1) engineering by designing, building and testing of their robots using Lego kits, (2) “technology” by designing programs for their robots to solve various advanced tasks, and (3) reinforcing the importance of mathematics and physics in the design, implementation and testing of their robot and programs. Armed with the robotics skills and confidence from the camp, campers will be encouraged to participate in their school’s FLL (First Lego League) FTC (First Tech Challenge), or FRC (First Robotics Competition) team in the fall.

Minecraft Mavens - For Girls

Learn logic skills by playing Minecraft! This workshop is for girls from all Minecraft skill levels who want to explore fundamental logic structures behind programming and engineering using Minecraft. Participants in this workshop will collaborate to forge a Minecraft theme park with various attractions using Minecraft creative tools and Redstone circuits for activating and controlling in-game mechanisms.

Introduction to Robotics - For Girls

Campers will form teams to design and build Lego EV3 robots. Team members will work together programming their robots to solve a variety of simulated problems. For girls with no previous through beginner level robotics and programming experience, this camp will build programming, design, and problem solving skills in an exciting and fun environment.

Exploring the Tallgrass Prairie

Come explore the tallgrass prairie through art, science, and technology! We will visit UNI's prairie preserves to learn about the plants and animals that live on the prairie and then create photographs, sketches, and other art inspired by our exploration. If you love being outdoors and learning about nature and art, this camp is for you.

Fashion & STEM: A Perfect Fit

On the first day of camp you will create your own fantasy apparel design and then you will explore the process of bringing designs to life. First, by bringing your design into a computer aided design (CAD) program and then by testing fabrics in the material science testing lab. You will answer the question - Which fabric is the best fit for your design? Design your own repeating pattern and print it on the campus fabric printer. Create a custom hair bow and backpack in the construction lab and finally use full-sized dress forms to build a wearable non-traditional design that you will model at the end of camp runway show and open house.

Camp MultiMedia

Camp MultiMedia is a week-long summer camp that offers middle-school-aged campers the opportunity to become creators, and not just consumers, of digital media.For almost a decade, CMM has introduced campers to innovative technology that is already related to their interests as consumers of media. Importantly, while campers acquire notable technological skills (in programming or software use or hardware modification) they are also given instruction to apply aesthetic principles to the artifacts that they design. This year's specializations include: 3-D Modeling and Printing, Video Game Design, Advanced Video Game Design (Minecraft & Raspberry Pi) & Photo and Video for Social Media.


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