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Graduate College Brown Bag Lecture Series

Rebecca Burkhardt and Cynthia Goatley began their work on a musical, “Writing Just Ann, A Musical about the Life and Times of Former Governor of Texas, Ann Richards,” in 2008. Spending two summers and a fall in Austin allowed Burkhardt and Goatley to gather volumes of material. In order to condense this large amount of material into a workable size for a musical theatre piece, they began by drawing on sketch paper clusters of songs and scenes for the musical. A first draft of the piece was read and sung in May by students, faculty and community members, so the authors could hear what needed to be revised. A second draft is now in progress.

Graduate College Brown Bag Lecture Series: "Civility in the Workplace"

Civility in the workplace seems to be a vanishing act. How can we recognize the beginnings of the lack of civility? What can we do to restore it? Melissa Beall and Marilyn Shaw from the Department of Communication Studies will discuss the meaning of real civility and what we can do to maintain, restore and sustain it in the workplace and elsewhere. Please bring your lunch; cookies will be provided.

Thinking About Graduate School (TAGS)

Learn how to build a strong application to graduate or professional school by attending Thinking About Graduate School (TAGS).  A panel of experts will share what admissions committees look for in the application to make selections for their programs. UNI graduate programs will answer questions about their programs and pre-professional clubs will recruit new members.


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