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School of Applied Human Sciences

TEDxUNI: Charting Destiny

TEDxUNI: Charting Destiny will launch conversations and inspire positive growth for individuals, for institutions and for our culture. Ten speakers and performers, including a Purple Heart recipient, a Mayo Clinic physician/author, community designers and entrepreneurs, educators, Ceder Valley youth and others will each contribute a unique angle on the vital TEDxUNI message: each of us has the power to overcome our challenges, shape our own destiny and improve our world. In addition, TEDxUNI will host XFest, a high-energy, experiential festival, along with concurrent campus/community viewing parties as TEDxUNI is streamed to the world live.

Graduate College Brown Bag Lecture: "Complexity as a Catalyst for Flow and Creativity in the Early Family Lives of Highly Creative People"

Gary Gute, director, Creative Life Research Center and associate professor, School of Applied Human Sciences, and Deanne Gute, associate director, Creative Life Research Center, will present "Complexity as a Catalyst for Flow and Creativity in the Early Family Lives of Highly Creative People." Bring your lunch; cookies will be provided. Forty years of creativity literature has identified complexity and flow as central to the lives of creative persons. However, research has not sufficiently explored the influence of complexity within the family in shaping adult creativity. This presentation reports the results of a study (Gute, Gute, Nakamura, & Csikszentmihalyi) that explored complexity in the early family lives of nine creative exemplars who have made significant contributions to contemporary culture.

Out of the Darkness Walk

The Out of the Darkness Walk will increase awareness about depression and suicide. Funds raised will support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s research efforts and educational programs. The three mile walk will bring together people who have lost loved ones to suicide or know someone struggling with depression.

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