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Center for Violence Prevention

Mentors in Violence Prevention Workshop

MVP is a widely acclaimed leadership program that motivates both men and women to play a central role in solving problems that historically have been considered “women’s issues:” rape, relationship abuse, sexual assault and harassment. The MVP approach views all individuals not as potential perpetrators or victims, but as empowered bystanders who can recognize and confront harassment and abuse before, during and after the fact. This will be an interactive workshop.

The Y Factor Conference

Bob Bowlsby, commissioner of the Big 12 Conference, will be the keynote speaker for the Y Factor Conference. He will speak on the importance of leadership to end gender-based violence on college and university campuses; how community leaders can take concrete action and work together to eliminate violence and abuse; and how to support fathers, brothers, teammates, classmates and friends in speaking out against men’s violence against women and girls.

Jackson Katz guest lecture- "More Than a Few Good Men"

Jackson Katz is an educator, anti-sexist male activist, social theorist, author and filmmaker. He holds a Master’s degree from Harvard Graduate School of Education, with a focus in the social construction of violent masculinities through sports and media. He holds a Ph. D. in cultural studies and education from UCLA. Katz has dedicated his life to gender violence prevention.  He developed the gender violence prevention program, Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP), at the Northeastern University’s Center for the Study of Sport in Society in 1993. The MVP program serves to empower both males and females from all socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, and sexual orientation backgrounds to become leaders and teaches the skills needed to build positive environments in schools, businesses and communities.

The evening lecture will give an opportunity for many students and faculty who have trained and/or educated in the MVP model to hear Katz lecture live on the development and impact of the model. Three student organizations have applied for funding to support the visit: Masters in Social Work Student Association: UNI Supporters of the United States Army, Sigma Phi Epsilon, a men’s fraternity that has been very engaged with CVP initiatives.

Y Factor Military Summit

The Center for Violence Prevention is hosting a conference focusing on empowering military leaders to stand up and prevent sexual violence.  The conference is designed to bring together military, civic and educational leaders to discuss and assess their roles and responsibilities in supporting violence prevention. Keynote speaker is Major General Anthony (Tony) A. Cucolo III, Commandant of the U.S. Army War College, Carlisle, Penn. Senior military leaders and nationally recognized subject matter experts/trainers in violence prevention will serve on a panel to discuss the success and challenges of addressing and ending sexual violence in the military. Jeff O'Brien, national and international MVP trainer and facilitator, Orlando, Fla., will facilitate an afternoon training session on the Mentors in Violence Prevention model. The Center for Violence Prevention at UNI is a nationally recognized center that has institutionalized the Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) leadership program developed by Jackson Katz. Registration is free and lunch is provided.

Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP): Train the Trainer Institute

What is the Train the Trainer Institute?

The MVP Institute is a two-day leadership training designed for undergraduate and graduate students to learn more about the bystander education model in bullying and gender violence prevention and how to incorporate into personal and professional settings.  The Institute consists of two phases.  In Phase I, individuals go through the training as participants and in Phase II, participants practice facilitating the MVP curriculum with peers. The MVP curriculum is broken into four educational units:  battery, gender roles, alcohol and consent, and sexual harassment.  Upon completion of the Institute, participants are certified to utilize MVP in their respective practicuums, field experiences, and vocations.

Who should attend the Train the Trainer Institute?

University students in leadership roles on campus are encouraged to attend.  In addition, students preparing to seek careers in education, athletics, family services, youth development, law enforcement and criminology and human services are encouraged to participate in this leadership opportunity. 

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